Are Yard Signs Legal?

As with everything, it all depends. There are all kinds of rules, regulations, and guidelines when it comes to signage. Most sign rules are the local codes that apply to businesses advertising their offerings. They are designed to keep things looking orderly and head off the visual chaos that would result if every business was […]

What are Yard Sign Grommets?

Grommets are small metal rings that reinforce the holes in banners. You hang a banner by running string, rope, or wire through holes punched in the corners. The metal grommet keeps the wire from ripping the material. Some people think the holes in banners are called grommets, but the term only applies to the metal […]

What Size are Yard Signs?

A standard size yard sign is 24”x18” (2 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet tall), the size of the signs you generally see on front lawns around election time for political campaigns. They are also commonly used to advertise real estate deals, garage sales, and family or small business announcements. The basic yard sign or […]

What are Yard Signs Made Of?

Yard signs are made of lightweight corrugated plastic. The trade name is Coroplast®, also known as Cor-Plastic or Corplast. It’s a popular medium for signage because it’s a printable surface that’s economical, weather-resistant, durable, and are printable on both sides. Corrugated plastic is basically a “fluted” or ribbed structure (think of squared-off plastic drinking straws) […]

Why Warning Signs are Yellow and Black

According to scientists, the reason warning signs are yellow and black goes way back. Apparently, our ancestors learned the hard way that animals and insects with those colors are dangerous. Certain bees, wasps, fish, and snakes with black and yellow coloring defend themselves with painful stings or venom. (They call it aposematism, which comes from […]