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Grommets are small metal rings that reinforce the holes in banners. You hang a banner by running string, rope, or wire through holes punched in the corners. The metal grommet keeps the wire from ripping the material. Some people think the holes in banners are called grommets, but the term only applies to the metal ring. They are generally used in large banners and yard signs so that the supporting rope or wire can bear the weight without damaging the vinyl or plastic.

A grommet is made of two separate metal rings placed on either side of the material and then compressed together to form a protective rim around the hole. Although grommets are made with plastic or rubber for different applications, professional sign and banner makers use metal, usually brass. Brass is a durable, strong, but pliable metal that won’t rust. So it is ideal for the outdoors.

Grommets for Signs and Banners of Various Sizes 

When it comes to grommets, there are some standard sizes that professional sign makers use. The size of the holes in the banner or yard size determines the size of the grommet. Most companies that sell yard signs and banners use a grommet that is 3/8” in diameter. This is usually strong enough to withstand gusty winds, yet not so large that it distracts from the message or graphic you want people to pay attention to.

Grommets have to be properly installed to protect the signage. At Just Yard Signs we use an industrial grommet press operated by professional craftsmen. It can vary according to specific situations, but we generally position the grommets every two feet along the reinforced edge of a large banner. Of course, you don’t need grommets if you fasten a sign or banner directly to a fixed structure by some other means like adhesives or nails.

With professionally installed industrial-strength grommets, you can use almost anything to hang your banner without having to worry about damaging it. For the best service and the best prices on banners and yard signs, call Just Yard Signs at 407-205-9862.